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Trade Silver

All pieces are sterling silver.

Click HERE for a short explanation on how trade silver can be attached to your clothing.

Item #S101BB - 1 1/8" ring brooch with fancy border design (pictured at left) Price: $35

Item #S101BC - 1 1/8" ring brooch with fancy border design (pictured at right) Price: $35



Item #S305 - Cuff bracelet with raised edge and center decoration (designs may vary slightly). Adjustable to fit most any wrist! 1.5 inches wide. Price: $225


Item #S311B - Nose ring with short triangle and ball fitting. (left) Price: $25

Item #S310B - Nose ring with tall fancy-edge triangle and ball fitting. (right) Price: $25



Item #S317 - Crescent nose ring with ball fittings (for non-pierced nose). Price: $39


Item #S315 - Ball & Cone nosering with ball fitting (for non-pierced nose). Price: $35.00



Item #S170A - "Council Fire" Brooch. Adaptation of the original Masonic symbol, called "Council Fire" by the Iroquois. Approx. 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". Price: $60


Item #S170B - (left) "Council Fire" Brooch - another pattern; similar in size to above. Price: $60.00






Item #S702 - Six-section sterling silver hairplate, in 28 ga. hammered polished silver. (Pictured at left) All links are silver-soldered. Design may vary slightly. Price: $350


Item #S703 - (Pictured at right.) Six-section sterling silver hairplate, in 28 ga. smooth polished & decorated silver. All links are silver-soldered. No two are alike; design will vary slightly! Price: $350




Item #S301 - Wire Ring Brooch. This is one of the original trade silver designs - a simple ring brooch, approx. 3/4" in diameter. These were worn by the dozens on breechclouts, dresses, head coverings, and bags. Price: $12

Item #S351 - Twisted Wire Ring Brooch. This is an interesting variation on the plain wire ring brooch! Approx. 3/4" in diameter. Price: $15






Item #S207 - (far left) Scottish Luckenbooth love token(double weeping heart); popular early piece. Crowned hearts of all types date back in Europe to as early as the 14th century, and were likely some of the earliest pieces used in the fur trade. Price: $34


Item #S208C - (center) Crowned heart; another old piece also used as a love token. The pointed crown possibly derived from the French crown form. approx 1 1/2" x 1". Circa 1700-1760. Price: $34


Item #S320 - (above, right) Another very early crowned heart, with a rounded crown possibly derived from the English crown shape. Some native Americans interpreted this as an owl form. Circa 1700-1760. Price: $34


Item #S275 - (far left) Council Square; measures 1 1/8" across. Price: $45


Item #S276 - (center) Yet another variation on the luckenbooth love token; popular trade item. Price: $40


Item #S277 - (right) Double crowned weeping heart variation on the luckenbooth. Price: $40




Sterling Powder Horn Keepers

A classy solution to a common problem...
We've always had trouble trying to keep straps of any material attached to the small tapered pouring end of our powder horns. Any material we used - especially leather - stretched, and the strap would then slip off the horn! We didn't want to drill into the horn or attach an unsightly staple. This nifty little gizmo is sterling silver, very easy to attach, and WILL stay put! Available with or without a sterling chain to attach to the stopper.


sterling horn strap attachment

$ 20


sterling horn strap attachment with chain & loop for stopper



Due to the volatile silver market, prices are subject to frequent change.

We will honor the price on the webpage at the time order is placed.


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