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How to attach trade silver to your clothing...

 If you are not familiar with the method used to attach the brooches to your clothing please take a moment to inspect this drawing

On lightweight fabric (such as calico or muslin), you need only pull a pinch of fabric through the center hole in the brooch. Then the clasp is pushed through both sides of the pinch of fabric (as in diagram 1), and the fabric is then pulled flat (as in diagram 2). The clasp will hold the brooch securely.

On heavier weight fabric (such as felted woolens), it is generally easier to remove the clasp from the brooch. The clasp is then worked through the fabric, and then reattached to the brooch. This method will work well; but it is not advisable to remove the clasp too many times as excessive bending may work-harden the clasp and cause it to break.

Our sterling is not treated or coated in any way to prevent tarnish. Some folks like this natural color change, which will eventually cover the piece with a dark patina. If you prefer to keep your items shiny, any mild silver polish will do the trick.


All Barking Rock Trade Silver Pieces (with the exception of very delicate items, such as ball & cone earrings) are identified with our personal maker's mark, as well as period sterling stamp.


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