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Genuine London Blue Topaz Stud Earrings in Sterling

Rich saturated London Blue Topaz, trilliant cut and set in solid sterling. Total carat weight of these eye-clean 5 mm genuine gemstones is 1.2 carats. Earrings are on posts for pierced ears, and come with sterling butterfly backs.

Like all London Blue topaz that is a natural, mined-from-the-earth stone, these have been gently treated to enhance the deep blue color.

Price: $39
plus shipping

Chrome Diopside Pendant in Sterling


Natural Silver-White Topaz Pendant and Stud Earrings in Solid Sterling Silver

Gorgeous set features genuine, untreated white topaz in solid sterling silver pendant and earrings. Earrings feature 5 x 7 mm gemstones; tctw 1.7 carats, on posts for pierced ears. Sterling ear nuts are included. Pendant stone measures 6 x 8 mm, and weighs 1.4 carats.

Topaz is a natural, mined gemstone found in many parts of the world. The crystal-clear gemstones are untreated beyond the standard cutting and polishing.

Price: $59
plus shipping


Rare Russian Chrome Diopside & Natural Zircon in Sterling Pendant

Pendant features faceted genuine natural 6 x 8 mm rich green chrome diopside 1.3 carat gemstone, in a cast sterling setting. Diopside is accented with a 2 mm genuine natural mined white topaz.

Chrome diopside is a rare stone mined only in Siberia. The chrome content makes for a brilliant rich natural emerald-green hue...absolutely stunning color! Both stones are genuine and completely natural; NOT treated. Sterling baby box chain is included.

Price: $59
plus shipping

Chrome Diopside Pendant in Sterling


sphene pendant in sterling

Natural Sphene Titanite Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

Gorgeous pendant features a fiery genuine sphene in a solid sterling silver setting. Pendant dangles below a sterling bail, and is suspended from an 18 inch solid sterling baby box chain.

All-natural 6 x 9 mm oval-cut sphene is a mined-from-the-earth gem that weighs in at 1.75 carats. The body of this stone is a natural chartreuse color, with beautiful multi-color rainbow flashes.

Titanite, or sphene, is a beautiful transparent gem; typically a shade of chartreuse to brown, and is prized for its exceptional dispersive power which exceeds that of diamond.

Price: $85
plus shipping


Genuine Bi-Color Teal & Purple Fluorite in Sterling Pendant Necklace

Unusual new pendant necklace features a faceted oval-cut genuine bi-color fluorite, prong-set in solid sterling silver setting. Gemstone measures 10.9 x 8.5 mm and weighs 4.7 carats. VS-clarity stone is very clear and clean, with a rich purple center neatly bisecting the teal color.

Fluorite is a genuine, mined-from-the-earth natural gem. As it may be scratched and dulled by rubbing against metals and other jewelry, we recommend it be stored wrapped in a tissue or kept in a separate box. Your pendant will arrive in a lovely velveteen box, which not only makes a great gift package but also is ideal for long-term storage.

Price: $69
plus shipping

Bi-color fluorite in sterling silver pendant


Tanzanite duo in sterling pendant

Genuine Tanzanite Pendant Necklace In Sterling Silver

Gorgeous sparkling natural tanzanites in solid sterling pendant necklace, on an 18-inch solid sterling triple-rope chain.

These all-natural gemstones are genuine mined-from-the-earth faceted gems, in a beautiful violet-blue hue. Pear-cut main stone is a clean, richly colored, and brilliant tanzanite; it measures 6 x 8 mm. Accenting the main stone is a 2.5 mm round tanzanite. Total carat weight is 1.1 carats.

Tanzanite is a natural gemstone, treated only by gentle heating to enhance the natural color. Tanzanite is found only in Tanzania in Africa.

Price: $100
US shipping included



Natural Saturated Pink Kunzite in Sterling Silver Necklace

Genuine rich pink Kunzite in solid sterling setting pendant is a fully faceted VS clarity gemstone.

This is an exceptionally clean, deep-cut richly colored natural spodumene. Pendant is suspended from an 18 inch solid sterling long-and-short chain.

 The stone measures 10.5 mm x 8.5 mm; it weighs 4.1 carats.

Price: $89
plus shipping

kunzite in sterling silver pendant



kornerupine in sterling studs

Genuine Kornerupine Stud Earrings in Sterling

These lovely gemstones are a fine quality Kornerupine, a rare gemstone first discovered in Greenland. Round-cut fully faceted stones measure 4.5 mm, with a total carat weight of .95 carats. All-natural untreated mossy green gems are VS clarity, and set in solid silver; complete with sterling silver backs.

Kornerupine exhibits strong pleochroism, usually from yellowish green to reddish brown. It is a great stone for jewelry; but owing to its rarity, it is mainly cut only for collectors. Here's a great chance to own an unusual rare gemstone that you or a loved one can wear! Gem origin is Madagascar.

Price: $45

Plus shipping


Genuine Emerald Stud Earrings

Natural mined Zambian emeralds grace these petite earrings. Set in solid sterling, the gems measure 3 mm in diameter, with a tctw for the pair of .25 carats.

Emeralds benefit from tender care, and will retain their beauty longer if they are handled gently. Do not clean emeralds in an ultra-sonic clear or with any harsh cleaners.


Price: $39
Plus shipping

natural emerald mini studs


blue topaz earrings

Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

Gorgeous earrings feature genuine mined-from-earth blue topaz, handset in sterling silver, on posts for pierced ears. Sterling backs included. Gems are 5 x 7 mm; tctw = 1.75 carats.

Blue topaz is a natural, mined gemstone found in many parts of the world. The pretty blue color is enhanced by heating/radiation in all Swiss blue found on the market; the treatment is safe, permanent, and stable.

Price: $44
Plus shipping


Natural Red Garnet Earrings
in Sterling Silver

Faceted genuine natural garnets are prong-set in solid sterling silver settings. Stud earrings are on posts for pierced ears, and are complete with solid sterling butterfly backs.

Genuine, mined-from-the-earth untreated gems are 4 mm in diameter, with a tctw of .7 ct.

Price: $39
Plus shipping

red garnet earrings


genuine emeralds in heart pendant

Genuine Emeralds
in Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Necklace

Genuine natural emeralds, in a smart marquise cut, adorn this pretty silver heart pendant necklace. Pendant comes complete with an 18 inch solid sterling silver baby box chain.

Stones are faceted 2-2.5 x 4-5 mm in size. Heart setting is cast solid sterling silver, with a pretty spun design. Pendant measures just under 20 mm overall.


Price: $100
US shipping included


Genuine Peridot Earrings in Sterling

Faceted genuine natural peridot are prong-set in solid sterling silver settings. Stud earrings are on posts for pierced ears, and are complete with solid sterling butterfly backs.

The stones are 100% natural and genuine untreated mined green peridot, 5.5 mm in diameter, with a total carat weight of 1.45 ct. Peridot is the birthstone for August.


Price: $29
Plus shipping

peridots stud earrings in sterling


fossil coral in sterling silver

Faceted Genuine Fossil Coral Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver 

Striking new pendant features a genuine, fully faceted 8 x 10 mm oval-cut fossilized coral. Stone, from Indonesia, is a fascinating genuine mined gem in lovely earth shades of tan/brown. The solid sterling setting has a hidden bail, behind the whale tail!

This is a natural, mined-from-the-earth, untreated gem that weighs 2.6 carats. Completing the necklace is an 18 inch sterling box chain.

Price: $55
Plus shipping


Natural Kyanite and Sterling Silver Bead Necklace

Natural kyanite beads and solid sterling silver spacers in this necklace are highlighted by natural kyanite blade crystals.

The kyanite beads are genuine and untreated, in a flattened oval shape; the blades are natural kyanite crystals. These lovely blue gems have a pearly lustre. Spacers and clasp are solid sterling silver.

Necklace is 18.5 inches long, and is strung on coated micro-cable for strength and durability. Ends are nicely finished with French bullion wire.

Price: $35
Plus shipping

kyanite and sterling necklace


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