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Sterling Trade Silver

in 18th century period-authentic recreated & interpretive designs




trade silver - round broochHammered ring brooch design. The earliest pieces made for trade were likely simple rings of this type. Available in a variety of sizes.

Item S101BH - 1 1/8" diameter - $ 50.00

 Item S101CH - 1 1/2" diameter - $69.00

 Item S101DH - 2" diameter - $89.00


Crowned weeping heart - an early piece, very popular item traded with the Iroquois. Available in a variety of sizes. Surface details will vary.

 Item S204B - small
( prox. 1 1/8") - $55

 ItemS204C - medium
(prox 1 1/2") - $62

Item S204D - medium/large
(prox 1 5/8") - $75


trade silver - Weeping Heart


  Click HERE for a short explanation on how trade silver brooches can be attached to your clothing.


Ball and cone earrings, pierced style on sterling endless hoops.

Item #302 - non-jointed (shown at left) - $75/pair

Item #303 - jointed between ball and cone, for extra dangle effect! (shown at right) - $79/pair

Item #3025 - single non-jointed earring (style shown at left) $37.50/ea.

Item #3035- single jointed earring (style shown at right $39.50/ea.


  Earwheels, on sterling silver wires

Item #S381 (at left) earwheel, 1 1/8" diameter - $79/ea.

Item #S392 (at right) earwheel, 1" diameter - $70 ea.


Due to the volatile and rapidly climbing silver market,
prices are subject to frequent change.

Please refer to our "about trade silver" page for more details.


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    ~ All Barking Rock trade silver pieces are 100% sterling silver; NOT cheap "nickle silver" Only real sterling is period authentic!

    ~ Barking Rock trade silver brooches are all sturdy 22 gauge; not flimsy thin material.
    ~ Pieces are identified with our personal maker's mark, as well as period sterling stamp.
    ~ All pieces are carefully handcrafted; not mass-produced castings or stampings.



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